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Forex trading involves significant risk to your invested capital

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Our “Forex Trading Lessons”  are totally free and without any obligation whatsoever. You can access them by following the links from the drop down menu above or alternatively, you can now also download the complete lessons as a pdf ebook. Whichever suits you.

Forex trading is by no means easy, but our lessons are easy to follow as the name suggests and when used in conjunction with other free third party training materials, will quickly see you on the road to successful trading.

Training Methods

We recognise that not everyone is the same and some people prefer to absorb training via video or even a mixture of both text and video. Whilst we do not ourselves at this time present our forex trading lessons in video format, we do feature and recommend other third party training. Most of which is provided free by 100% reputable sources.

To take full advantage of these training materials we suggest you first of all read through our own “Easy Forex Trading Lessons” which will put everything into perspective and in a logical order. Then, when you are ready, grab yourself a free demo account.

Remember to explore some of the third party training materials which come with your demo account. These will almost certainly help clarify some of the points covered in our own forex lessons and help you put them into practice.

Third Party Training

The following is a list of trusted brokers who offer their own first class in house training materials. All you need do to take advantage of them, is to open a Free Demo Account. You will need a demo account to practice your trading anyway and it costs nothing.:-

  • XM – Video tutorials about the MT4 Trading Platform ( If your nervous about beginning or simply want to try their platform out, XM at the time of writing this, offer a $30 Free Bonus no credit card required)    A recent update by XM is that they now have FREE LIVE Education rooms. Well worth checking out.
  • Easy Markets – offer a personal tutor
  • Avatrade

Do take advantage of the free trading lessons offered and remember to practice on your free demo accounts before risking any of your hard earned cash.

Wishing you successful trading

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