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Premium Demo Accounts

Everywhere you look when researching how to start trading forex, you will see a plethora of “Free” demo accounts for you to practice with.

The reason these are offered for free, is simple. Brokers who offer them require you to register with them and they are hopeful that when you are ready to migrate to a live account, you will stay with them as a broker and then they begin to make money from you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this marketing ploy of course and the arrangement is more often than not, mutually beneficial.

But free demo accounts are not suited to everyone. True, most will offer a level of training materials to help you, but the learning curve tends to be higher than if you have some actual one to one tutoring/mentoring. This is where some “Premium Demo Accounts” come into their own.

One such premium demo account is offered by “Traders 4 Traders” and to say it is unique is an understatement. For a minimal fee starting as low as $125 a month you get a demo account with all the training you need. Obviously, you pay each month for as long as you need training.

But here is what makes them unique:


During your training, your progress is monitored and once you attain certain goals, you will be offered a fully funded trading account and this is by no means a small funding.($25,000 – $50,000 or $100,000)

Your trading then becomes live and you keep a very high % of any and all profits. Remember, you are not using your own money, but money supplied by Traders4Traders.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is really serious about pursuing what could be a life changing trading career.

For full information you need to visit their website

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