A Beginners Guide To Trading Forex

What Is Forex Trading ?

What is Forex Trading?

Forex or FX is short for foreign exchange. So forex trading is currency trading. You simply exchange one nation’s currency for another in the hope of making money when the exchange rates change. The rates are constantly changing due to market news, national events, changes in values on a country’s stock exchange, etc.

At the most basic level, imagine you exchanged some US dollars for British pounds. You might sell $1,000 to buy £650. Within a short time the rate changes in your favor so you change them back again. Now with the new rate you get $1,010 for your £650. You just made $10 or 1% of your investment.

Currency traders do this kind of thing all of the time with the aim of increasing their funds through many small trades. They trade on margins so that they can control larger amounts with only a small investment.

In the above example, you might only have to commit $10 in your brokerage account to make the purchase even though the amount is $1,000. The broker covers the rest on the assumption that the market is unlikely to go against you by more than 1% in a short time – and if it does, a stop loss will usually be in place to ensure that you cannot lose more than your $10.

You need a system that works, clear strategies and the ability to stick to your decisions. You must not be constantly switching systems or acting from out of fear or greed. Consistent application of a profitable system is the key to success.

As with any investment strategy that has the potential of large gains, there is also risk. Currency prices can change very fast and you can make a lot of money in a short time but you can lose it too, unless you are very careful. You should accept before you start that if you trade for real, you may lose the money that you are trading with. At the same time, take your trading seriously, even if you are only using a demo account. Do not treat it as a game. Keep clear records of what you did. However your trades turn out, look carefully at the results to see what you did right or wrong and learn from that.

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